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Museum Open Day

Saturday 1 May gives the community and visitors a chance to go back in time and check out the history of Walcha through this extensive collection.

The Museum complex comprises of 12 buildings, each with a different theme. There is an extensive range of farm machinery and the history of the wool industry to investigate. The tool collection is a real reflection of the industry and inventiveness of the pioneers who lived in the area. The settlers cottage shows how some of the timber workers lived in their movable homes. The Hanger holds our Tiger Moth which had a varied past from the RAAF to crop dusting in the area.

There is so much to see for young and old that will leave you feeling amazed. Visitors are welcome to bring a picnic and enjoy the beautiful grounds.

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111N Derby Street, Walcha, New South Wales

10am to 4pm

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Parking in the street is not a problem