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Museum of the Curiosity

Museum of Curiosities
Amongst our regular displays will be hidden a number of items from our collection, depicting a time long ago. Some you might recognise - some may baffle you - and all will rouse your curiosity, but you will leave with a better knowledge of life in the "good old days"!

With much of last year spent in lockdown, we had an opportunity to renew displays for 2022. In addition to our 1930’s style kitchen and laundry, we added “Tea & Bickies”, showcasing Arnott’s and Bushells, both of which were in our LGA. We have a large framed commemoration plaque presented to Mr Ernest Lukeman, Secretary of the Australian Football Association, who arranged for a group of Chinese Soccer players, led by Prof. Leslie Kwong Kwang-Lim, to come to Australia in 1927, Other sections highlight Theatres and Swimming Pools in the City of Canada Bay LGA.

Tucked away amongst these, and all the other displays, will be a collection of items held by our museum, some going back 100 years, most of which are no longer used. Come along and see how many you can recognise. If you don’t know what they are, ask our talented volunteers. Learn how, when and why they were used. Bring your grandchildren and talk to them about your memories of growing up amongst all these things,

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1 Bent Street, Concord, NSW

10am to 4pm

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