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Murtoa’s Stick Shed – The Cathedral of the Wimmera

Situated in Regional Western Victoria, The Murtoa Stick Shed is a unique and iconic building in Australia just waiting for you to explore and experience its amazing cathedral like interior.

Rich in history, the Stick Shed is the 101st place included on the National Heritage List, giving recognition to the shed’s significant part in the history associated with Australia’s wheat industry and the impact of World War Two on the home front.

The Marmalake*/Murtoa Grain Store (The Stick Shed) was constructed in 1941 as a solution for grain storage during the World War two wheat glut, when exports were restricted.

Work commenced on 25th September 1941 and the store was ready to receive wheat in January 1942

Constructed from 560 unmilled Mountain Ash poles or ‘sticks’ (56 rows of 10) to support the corrugated iron roof of the shed, it was soon dubbed the ‘Stick Shed’. The shed is about 265 metres long, 60 metres wide and about 19 metres high along the ridge.

When inside the shed you will be amazed by its Cathedral like appearance and atmosphere and understand why it has been dubbed the ‘Cathedral of the Wimmera’

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1465 Wimmera Highway, Murtoa, Victoria

Travelling east on Wimmera Highway take the first entry on the right when passsing over the railway line exiting the town.

Travelling west on the Wimmera Highway into Murtoa turn left just before the railway line on the entry to the town.


10.00am to 3.00pm

Entry fees:
Adults $ 10, Children $ 5, Concession $ 9, Family $ 20, Members $ 9
Onsite facilities: