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Murders Most Foul: A Historical True Crime Walking Tour of Surry Hills

On this not-so-typical walking tour, you will meander through dark alleys and winding lanes, exploring the dark history of Sydney’s Surry Hills. You will investigate the ghastly crime scenes from between 1880 and 1945. This is Sydney's ultimate crime & punishment social history tour.

Before the cool cafes and trendy bars began to appear, the inner-city suburb of Surry Hills was known for sly grog, illegal gambling, prostitution and the drug trade. This walking tour is the ultimate crime and punishment social history experience where you will discover a history of Sydney that they would not teach you at school.

This tour will take you across the entire suburb of Surry Hills. You will learn about the suburb’s colourful history and unique architecture and discuss the factors that made Surry Hills Sydney’s centre of vice and crime for over 100 years.

Investigate a cold-case murder scene using actual crime scene evidence. Discover the stomping grounds of Sydney’s most feared gangs of the 1890s to 1960s. Discover Sydney’s colonial morgues and why beer and autopsies typically went hand in hand during our first one hundred years of settlement.

Each participant receives a complimentary copy of the Surry Hills Case Files with genuine police evidence and reports.

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56/70 Chalmers Street, Haymarket, New South Wales

Meet at the entrance to Central Station on Chalmers Street that is positioned opposite Devonshire Street.


Thu 7 April - Sat 9 April - 11am to 1pm
Sun 10 April - 11am to 2pm
Thu 7 April - 7pm to 9pm

Thu 14 April- Sat 16 April - 11am to 1pm
Sun 17 April- 11am to 2pm
Thu 14 April - 7pm to 9pm

Thu 28 April - Sat 30 April - 11am to 1pm
Sun 1 May - 11am to 2pm
Thu 28 April - 7pm to 9pm

Thu 5 May - Sat 7 May - 11am to 1pm
Sun 8 May - 11am to 2pm
Thu 5 May - 7pm to 9pm

Thu 12 May - Sat 15 May - 11am to 1pm
Sun 15 May - 11am to 2pm
Thu 12 May - 7pm to 9pm

Thu 19 May - Sat 21 May - 11am to 1pm
Sun 22 May - 11am to 2pm
Thu 19 May - 7pm to 9pm

Thu 26 May - Sat 29 May - 11am to 1pm
Sun 29 May - 11am to 2pm
Thu 16 May - 7pm to 9pm

Entry fees:
Adults $ 40, Children $ 40, Concession $ 40, Members $ 30
Prebooking requiredhttps://murdersmostfoul.com
Attendance limit:
Onsite facilities:
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Limited street parking available