Murder at the Fort

In 1942, two unsolved murders were connected with Fort Queenscliff. Driver Roy Willis was discovered on the side of the road and Gunner Johnny Hurston disappeared whilst on duty. Both men were found dead with gunshot wounds. Join Bob Marmion as he uncovers the details behind these cold cases.

The Geelong Gaol Museum is proud to present a talk by Bob Marion, author of “Murder at the Fort”.

Bob is the Queenscliff Fort historian and an ex Victorian Police detective who has investigated two mysterious murders that occurred in 1942, both with connections to Fort Queenscliff.

In May 1942, Driver Roy Willis was found on the side of the road with several bullets in his body. In September 1942, Gunner Johnny Hurston disappeared while on duty with his body not discovered until 10 days later, again with bullet wounds.

Join Bob for an hour long talk about his investigation into these two wartime cold cases

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202 Myers street, Geelong, VIC

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