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Mulgunnia Station – Trunkey Creek Tour

Tour with Gary Waller (G&C Waller Builders) as he explains the vernacular construction and progression of change to this pioneer group of buildings. See the stone well, early gravesites, rare wattle & daub, lime slaking, shingle splitting demonstrations and hear the rich history of this property.

Visit Mulgunnia Station at Trunkey Creek and tour with Gary Waller from G&C Waller Builders as he describes in detail the early construction techniques and progressive changes of these buildings fabric. Immerse yourself in this countries rich pioneering history by viewing shingle splitting, traditional lime slaking, and the making of limewash. Hear the stories and read the newspaper articles of this richly recorded history of Mulgunnia Station. Read the family history letters, tour the gravesites to discover the interesting stories behind their deaths. View an intact stranger room and the stories relating to it. Come on a journey and discover the wealth of history and stories associated with this beautiful Australian historical property.

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267 Grove Creek Road, Trunkey Creek, New South Wales

Mulgunnia Station


Saturday 6th May 10am - 4pm

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Prebooking requiredinfo@gcwaller.com.au