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Mont De Lancey as told by descendants

Mont De Lancey Historic Homestead as told by the family who grew up and lived on this beautiful property.

Meet the family who lived in the Historic Homestead known as Mont De Lancey built by Henry Sebire, their great grandfather. The showing of this specially made DVD is not normally available to the public. The great grandchildren of Henry Sebire share their memories of life on the farm. You will hear how the Sebire’s cleared the land, created a farm and lived day to day from 1867 until the 1960’s. There are many objects in the special display and more to be seen around the property and in the museum. While you are here take a tour of the Homestead, Chapel, Slab Kitchen and Dairy. You can also visit the cafe for a coffee or lunch.

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71 Wellington Road, Wandin North, Victoria

10.00 am - 4.00pm

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Adults $ 15.00, Children $ 0.00, Concession $ 12.00, Members $ 12.00
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