Millicent Armstrong – Playwright & Farmer

Readings of one act plays - At Dusk, Thomas, Penny Dreadful and the award-winning, Drought by Millicent Armstrong (1888 – 1973) featuring actors Chris Carroll, Heather Keens, Holly Ross and Dianna Nixon Produced by Music Theatre Projects Ltd as a satellite event of the Gunning Arts Festival 2021

Millicent Armstrong was a WW1 nurse veteran of the Western Front, a writer and playwright, a farmer at Gunning, and, at one stage, a cafe owner in Goulburn. A soldier settler and awarded the Croix de Guerre for bravery in France, her name may not be well known to you, but this project is designed to address that situation. These works sit within the well-explored Australian Gothic tradition, influenced as it was by the likes of Edgar Allan Poe, and continuing up to the present day in the work of artists such as Nick Cave. Who doesn’t enjoy a great story, expertly crafted? And why shouldn’t we know more about our cultural legacy, especially from those who built lives in regional Australia? We guarantee a fascinating and highly entertaining afternoon in Dalton Hall, or evening in The Picture House Theatre in Gunning. Both buildings have heritage stories of their own to share, so it’s fitting this all comes together during the Heritage Festival.

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82 Yass Street, Gunning, New South Wales
Also at Dalton Hall, Dalton NSW.
2pm Dalton Hall, Dalton 6pm The Picture House Theatre, Gunning
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Adults $30
Prebooking required
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Less than 50
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Tickets are also available via Zoom on same booking link (up to 70 available)