Melbourne General Cemetery Walks: Northern Section

Join one of Carlton's leading local historians, Jeff Atkinson, on this informative walking tour of the Melbourne General Cemetery's northern section.

Melbourne General Cemetery is the oldest and most historic of our existing cemeteries. For the last century and a half, it has been the final resting place of Melbourne’s famous and infamous. On this fascinating 2-hour walking tour, you will learn about its history, and about some of the interesting or notorious characters who are buried there.

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5 Bagung Lane, Princes Hill, Victoria

Princes Hill Community Centre is situated in Bagung Lane, which is at the rear of Macpherson St.


10am - 12pm

Entry fees:
Adults $ 15, Children $ 15
Prebooking required
Attendance limit:
Less than 50
Onsite facilities:
Other things
you need to know:
Street parking can be hard to find so plan your trip accordingly. PT is close by and its use is encouraged. The walk is mostly flat but good walking shoes or sneakers are recommended.