Mayfield Heritage Walk – Highland Estate

The Friends of Grossmann House are hosting a Heritage Walk in Mayfield – once known as the “Toorak of Newcastle”.

Known as the “Toorak of Newcastle “ in the 1880-90s, Mayfield will once again be the site of a Heritage Walk organised by the Friends of Grossmann and Brough Houses as a part of the Australian Heritage Festival. Commencing in the park at the corner of Bull and Cowie Streets, Mayfield, our knowledgeable guide Huck Campbell will take us through some of the historic streets of the area of Mayfield once known as Highland Estate which still retain many of the signs of its once grand history.

The 1880-90s saw the construction of magnificent properties such as Windeyer House, home to some of the leading business families of Newcastle, escaping the grime of city living to enjoy the fresh air and amenity of this then outer suburb. By 1915 and the emergence of industrial powerhouses taking advantage of proximity to the river and railway, this area of Newcastle did change, but the vestiges of the once grand houses are still apparent with many in the process of restoration.

Following our walk will be afternoon tea in such a house, with a sumptuous spread prepared by the Friends of Grossmann House, and ambience provided by our generous hosts.

Event dates

Event Details

Bull Street, Mayfield, New South Wales

Meet at the park at the corner of Bull and Cowie Streets, Mayfield.


2pm - 5.30pm

Entry fees:
Adults $ 25, Concession $ 20, Members $ 20
Prebooking required