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Map of Memories

A City of Fremantle Festivals Project, share your Fremantle story on the Map of Memories. People with personal memories of Fremantle’s past are being invited to share their stories on an online interactive map. Share a photograph or image, from the time or one taken after the event.

The Fremantle Map of Memories allows people to place a pin in the online map, provide a short description of what happened at that location and upload a photograph or image to illustrate their experience.

There are countless written records of the significant events in Fremantle’s history, but few give voice to the community who were there. The Fremantle Map of Memories is here to capture the lived experience of Fremantle and share the moments, big and small, that hold in them the heart of this city.

From wherever you are in the world we invite you to share your special memory, celebrate your connection to our port city and capture the Freo spirit online.

To make a contribution to the Map of Memories you simply need to complete the short online form to share a special memory you have of Fremantle. It could be the experience of a significant historical event, or just a special moment from your own life.

Once the submission is completed a new pinpoint will appear on the map.

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