Magical Mystery Walk

Embark on a walking tour with a difference. Immerse your mind and participate in the discovery of characters and obscure treasures within the CBD. Think Schulim Krimper artisan, Rudyard Kipling writer, Napier Waller artist/educator, and The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes.

Professional tour guide Isabel leads you to hidden gems and architectural symbols, with colourful and fascinating stories. We view the site of the “perfectly taxidermied Pharlap” on view in 1933. Visit the sites of St Enoch’s Free Presbyterian Church, and “On the Beach”, opening night and the site of the home of Dr Tharp Mountain Girdlestone – yes it is a mouthful! Where was Figgins Diorama in the 1980s? Who built the former prestigious Georges’ Store with links to a famous child prodigy? The sensational ” Pyjama Girl” crime occurred where? Where was Cafe Francatelli? Where did Senior Cecchi conduct singing lessons which Nellie Melba received in her early career? Where did the Savage Club first open on the 9th May 1894?

This is a walk full of surprises and interesting snippets. We conclude at a very fine ‘green’ laneway in the City of Melbourne, close to the long lost and almost forgotten ‘New Theatre’.

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166 Flinders Street, Melbourne, Victoria

The Atrium, Federation Square - Flinders Street, CBD


1.00pm - 3.00 (refreshments Included)

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Adults $ 25
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Refreshments included