Lost and Found: Stories from the City of Sydney Archives

The City Archives holds vast swathes of documentary evidence of past events, people and places in the City of Sydney council area. This session introduces you to some stories uncovered in the archives. Learn some tips to search the catalogue so you can be the detectives and find your own stories.

Archival collections are brimming with unique stories just waiting for you to discover. The City of Sydney Archives transformed its archival systems in 2020, allowing all content to be brought together into one catalogue with multiple access pathways. The process of locating and viewing content and piecing together stories is now much easier.

Two archivists from the City Archives will discuss three stories they discovered. One story relates to a lost person, one to a business lost in dramatic circumstances and one to a ‘lost’ building that was planned but never realised.

The session will include some tips for participants about searching and browsing the City’s online catalogue of over 1 million items relating to the Sydney local government area. These tips can help you to access documents, photographs, maps and plans from as early as 1842. The you can see what discoveries you can make about Sydney, its people, streets and spaces.

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31 Alfred Street, Sydney, New South Wales

The event will be held in the Level 2 Meeting Room.


1pm to 2pm

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Prebooking requiredhttps://whatson.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/events/lost-and-found-stories-from-the-city-of-sydney-archives
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Less than 50
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