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Locked In: Revealing Historical Characters and Events Inside The Lock-Up

Immerse yourself in a historical journey through Newcastle’s old police station, led by The Lock-Up Director, Warwick Heywood. Discover the stories of intriguing characters and events which transpired during the station’s operation, including the Coal Strike of 1909 and the 1979 Star Hotel Riot.

Established in 1861, The Lock-Up, originally Newcastle’s police station with holding cells, has been transformed into a vibrant multidisciplinary art space dedicated to presenting contemporary and experimental arts within a historical building.

In this immersive journey you will be led through the cell spaces and men’s exercise yard, uncovering fascinating stories and significant events from the building’s 120-year tenure as Newcastle’s primary police station. Come face to face with the space formerly used as a place of short-term confinement for both men and women whilst they awaited sentencing and read both personal and historical inscriptions made on the walls by those who were incarcerated from 1861-1982.

The conservation of The Lock-Up’s historic padded cell has been made possible by the generosity of the Copland Foundation.

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90 Hunter Street, Newcastle, New South Wales

2:00pm-3:00pm, Sunday 12 May 2024

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Prebooking requiredhttps://events.humanitix.com/locked-in-revealing-historical-characters-and-events-inside-the-lock-up
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Less than 50
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