Know Your Suburb Talk – Cannington (26 May)City of Canning

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Know Your Suburb Talk – Cannington (26 May)

Event now taking place on 26 May, not the 19th.

Come and learn about the history of Canning's oldest suburb - discover the history of Mason's Landing, revisit the Cecil Hotel (Carousel Tavern) and come shopping at Boans Waverley, Perth's first suburban department store. If you have stories or photos to share, please bring them along!

A talk with photos covering a range of topics such as: Where was Cannington first established – not quite where it is today; why does Bickley Road run at a strange angle to all the other roads; when were trams promised; look at Western Australia’s first branch of a major department store; how did the congregation keep warm at church; find out about the colonies largest employer of labour apart from the government; what were the local pubs and where were they; over a hundred years of Canning Shows;

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Sevenoaks Street, cnr Wharf St, Cannington, Western Australia

Talk will be in the library - part of the Cannington Leisureplex


1:30pm to 3pm

Entry fees:
Prebooking required
Attendance limit:
50 - 100
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