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Join Us At the Junction — Brunswick Junction

Brunswick Junction, known for Daisy the Cow, but home to the most amazing heritage. Come along and walk the walk and hear the talk as our local experts guide you through the sites, sounds and smells of this town. "The Cream of the South West" really is just the best.

Expect to be welcomed in true south west style when you arrive. With a playground, off street parking and amenities waiting for you, how could it be better?

You’ll need your walking shoes, and if you use a mobility device you will find this a very inclusive and enjoyable time. You’ll hear the church chronicles, the Browne’s beats, and the hall happenings. You’ll see artwork and architecture. Then you’ll join us in a West Australian tradition, a visit to the local. Here you will hear stories of locals and legends and you can order a meal or a drink to enjoy while you’re there.

This is a day to celebrate Brunswick Junction and to learn about it’s history and heritage from a number of local experts. The guided tour and information is free, and if you choose something at the hotel then you will pay them directly.

In the vein of our groups Hit & Run Heritage Walks in other towns of the Harvey Shire, this will give you a wonderful taste of why Brunswick is the Cream of the South West.

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37 Ommaney Road, Brunswick, Western Australia

Look for the playground next to St Peter's Anglican Church.


Leaving the carpark for our stroll at 11.30am sharp.

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