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Identification of Lace

Lace is a complex structural textile and an important part of European textiles history. Lace is made in a lot of different ways and styles and the best care is filled with myth and wives tales which are often damaging. Victoria Pearce Senior Conservator of Endangered Heritage will talk about lace.

Lace is a cloth made of knotted tied plaited or sewn threads, all looped and secured to create complex patterns and designs to embellish clothing and other textiles. Lace has been made in many materials as well including metal and the care of lace can be quite problematic. These special textiles take hundreds of hours to make and once were common place in our homes. However now new pieces are rarely made and the skills are disappearing. Soon your lace collection may be worth a lot more than you would expect.

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Shop 8 Paragon Mall 8-20 Gladstone st, Fyshwick, ACT

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Sat 9th April at 11am

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