Ida Lee – An early historian of Bathurst

Historical Talk - Ida Lee, an early Historian

Geographer, historian, and author is it possible to be all three? Ida Lee was born on 11 February 1865, growing up at Leeholme, daughter of the grazier George Lee and Louisa nee Kite and the granddaughter of William Lee. In 1891 Ida visited England, where she met and on 14 October married Charles John Bruce Marriot. Now Mrs Marriott and living in Hampstead, England, Ida would spend her time exploring the shelves of British libraries, discovering logbooks, journals, lost charts, and lost histories. It is here that Ida’s journey began as a geographer, historian, and author. Hear her story with Kim Bagot-Hiller.

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140 William Street, Bathurst, NSW

7:30PM - 8:30PM

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