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How The Other Half Lives

Ever wondered how the other half live? We contrast the lives of the family of the house with the lives of those who made it all possible.

Using the collection of beautiful clothing and the stunning settings at Clarendon House and contrasting them with the service areas such as the kitchen, laundry, and bake house, we look at the difference between the lives of the privileged family and those who worked to make that privilege possible.
The ladies of the house wore the gorgeous dresses, the maids laundered and maintained them. The family entertained in the lavish dining room, the cooks and servants toiled in the kitchen to provide the sumptuous meals.
Tour the grand house and explore the gardens and grounds, including the remarkable historic outbuildings, all the while contemplating how both sides lived.

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234 Station Road, Nile, TAS

7 kilometres past Evandale.


10.00 am to 4.00 pm

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Adults $ 20, Children $ 16.00, Concession $ 15
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