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How Curious Is That?

Our guests to our Facebook page or in person at the Wollondilly Heritage Centre and Museum will see selected curious objects from our collection. Guests will be encouraged to nominate the name and use of the object before it is revealed.

Curious objects will be original items from the past as used in the Wollondilly Shire or Burragorang Valley. They could be representative of daily life or industries that are no longer used or may have changed when in modern use. Facebook users will have 24 hours to guess the identity of an item before it is revealed. Visitors to the Wollondilly Heritage Centre and Museum will see the objects in a ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ and receive answers in a booklet available at the front desk.

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43 Edward Street, The Oaks, New South Wales

Facebook postings will be 26April to 8 May. Wollondilly Heritage Centre and Museum is open on weekends from 10am-1pm.

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By donation
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