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Home and Away Voices from World War 1

A talk by Mr Phil Lee, President, and Dr Noeline Kyle, historian and volunteer at the Museum. This talk will be offered at a time to suit the greater community participation and will be offered as a free event to showcase the rich lode of cultural heritage and documentary material at the Museum.

1917 was a year when the numbers of soldiers lost to the war impacted greatly on this country town. Young men had marched eagerly to sign up and young women, anxious to serve overseas, had also joined. The first of them sailed in 1914 and by 1917 many deaths were being recorded. Both soldiers and nurses were loath to write home about the horrors of the trenches but the few who did have left a poignant and dreadful reminder of the the awful terrors of their time on the front lines of war torn Europe.
The ‘voices’ of WW1 soldiers, nurses and families will be heard as the presenters read from letters, newspaper reports and diaries and place these into the context of how the war was progressing and how the townspeople viewed its distant events.

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62 Lachlan Street, South Kempsey, New South Wales

The Kempsey Museum is located in the award winning and unique Glen Murcutt Building adjacent to the Kempsey Visitor Information Centre. It is surrounded by the beautiful South Kempsey Park with visitor facilities, a children's playground and covered seating with tables/seats and walkway to the Museum. Situated on the south side of Kempsey the park and the Museum are family friendly, with substantial parking under shady trees. The Museum is signposted at the front entrance as is the Dunghutti Gallery which can be visited also as it resides in an adjacent space. If driving on the freeway take the turn off from the roundabout to the Macleay Valley Way.


1pm to 3pm

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