Harvey Museum

Mornington Rail Disaster of 1920, Harvey River Diversion Project of 1930's, early pioneers of the timber, dairy and orchard industries are just some of the many stories told in the displays, photographs and memorabilia at the Harvey Museum.

Wander the rooms once used by the Station Master. There you will find old railway lamps, platform trollies and instruments long gone. Our Military Room’s new cabinetry displays memorabilia and history of past war service personnel of the district.

The Ladies’ Waiting Room will take you back in time with old crockery, cameras, lamps and children’s toys.

Visitors’ children are encouraged to be hands on in the Museum, using pen and ink, a blackboard and chalk, sit in old style school desks and dentist’s chair, have a go at a typewriter, cash register and old telephones.

Browse the many photographs of past history of the agricultural district and the more recent devastating 2016 Yarloop fires, which destroyed the town and the historical steam workshops.

Marvel at the contraptions used in the past; a Coolgardie food safe, washing machines, washing boards and ringers and find the only remaining ramp used by the late Queen’s mother in 1966 which was constructed at her request.

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Harper Street, Harvey, Western Australia

Look for the Railway Station opposite the historical Harvey Hotel.


Museum open first and third Sundays of the month from 11am to 3.30pm

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By donation
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