Haberfield Curios – why the name Haberfield?The Haberfield Association Inc. (community group)

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Haberfield Curios – why the name Haberfield?

A self-guided walking tour along Ramsay Street in Haberfield to learn about the origin of the name Haberfield.

A series of 11 panels in individual shop windows tells the story behind the name, Haberfield. Learn about Haberfield Hall House, the Haberfield Locomotive and its connection with Harry Potter, the Haberfield Life Boat, Haberfield Alms House, 19th century philanthropy, Lady Sarah’s will, the David Jones link and much more. The panels trace the ancestry of the Haberfield family from Bristol, England and their connection to the Haberfield Garden Suburb. This heritage trail runs from May 2-30. Viewers do not need to enter a shop to view it.

View the shop window’s locations on this handy map.

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Ramsay and Dalhousie Streets, Haberfield, New South Wales

shop windows, easy walking, enjoy a local eatery


24 hours

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Viewed from the public domain into private shop windows