Griffiths Island Lighthouse Tours

Climb the stairs and take in the view to imagine the life of a lighthouse keeper. This is a rare opportunity to visit the internal workings of the historic lighthouse on Griffiths Island that has been in operation since 1859.

Experience what it’s like to be a lighthouse keeper! The Rotary Club of Port Fairy are offering a rare opportunity to tour the historic lighthouse on Griffiths Island. As part of the tour, you will climb the winding stairs up to the top, where you will take in uninterrupted views of the Southern Ocean and coastline.

The Griffiths Island lighthouse was built in 1859 to mark the entrance to the Moyne River. The bluestone lighthouse was constructed by Scottish stonemasons and contains a notable spiral staircase. The last lighthouse keeper that lived on the island was there from 1929 until 1954. There was one more lightkeeper for a short time before the light was automated.

Griffiths Island is included in the Victorian Heritage Register as a place of State heritage significance.

Proceeds from the tour will be donated to the Rotary Club of Port Fairy.

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Ocean Drive, Port Fairy, Victoria

The Griffiths Island lighthouse is located at the end of a very scenic 400 metre walk across the island.



Entry fees:
Adults $ 5, Family $ 10
Other things
you need to know:
Pay cash or card on arrival. Note: there is a staircase to climb inside the lighthouse.