Gems Amongst The Gold

On the land of the Wurundjeri people is the township of Warrandyte. Travel back to the early days when Warrandyte was a thriving mining township which became a haven for orchardists, artists, architects, potters and people of many talents whose stories are shared here.

Warrandyte has a special place in Victoria’s history not only due to its rich gold past, but also because of its Indigenous history and artists. There are many stories of individuals within the community, some well-known and others perhaps not, who have not only helped shape the township we know today but also made it known further afield.

By sharing our rich and diverse histories (often untold) we can reflect on how they have influenced both the past (and the future). Here are some tales of those people who have had such an effect on our history and our township.

Our museum is closed due to maintenance works during the 2023 National Trust Australian Heritage Festival. We present some of our Shared Stories via our website.

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