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Fremantle – Convicts, Culture and Street Art

Fremantle is Perth’s hip and historical cousin with streets full of heritage buildings, cafés, street art and amazing stories waiting to be shared.

Once home to whaling stations and mass immigration, Freo is now a charming town celebrated for its variety of culture and multicultural history. The locals here at the time, were as hard-as-nails salty sea dogs who rubbed shoulders with newly arrived immigrants to create a town full of characters, some of whose stories you’ll be amazed to hear about from your local guide!

You’ll hear tales from prisoner escapes and convict antics to the expulsion of Indigenous peoples to Rottnest Island. Find out why almost 10,000 men were transported from Great Britain and Ireland, how they built their own prison and helped shape the future of Western Australia. There is no better way to explore Freo than with a local guide to share all its fascinating stories and visit the amazing sites.

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155 High Street, Fremantle, Western Australia

10am to 12pm

Entry fees:
Adults $ 50, Children $ 40.00
Prebooking required
Attendance limit:
Less than 50