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Fragile Beauty, Rich and Rare – A Fine Art Photographic Exhibition

Did you know that 75% of Australia's endangered species are plants? Plants form the backbone to all life on earth, but many of Australia's flora species are under threat. By co-opting photographs of Australian threatened flora and fauna, this exhibition highlights Australia's biodiversity crisis.

The Calyx within the Australian Botanic Garden in Sydney is the perfect venue to showcase my latest bodies of work entitled “Fragile Beauty, Rich and Rare” along with “On the Brink”. These bodies of work began at the Australian Botanic Gardens where I spent hours, under the guidance of horticultural specialists, photographing Australian threatened flora. I also had the opportunity with wildlife carers to get up close and personal with many of Australia’s endangered birds. Further research took me to Western Australia, to South Australia, to Canberra and beyond. From this vast collection of photographs, I have spent the past year creating this body of work. My “Fragile Beauty, Rich and Rare” series is a contemporary twist on the more traditional 17th century Still Life artworks, while “On the Brink” presents Australian species in a more “expressionistic” way. The works aim to garner awareness around Australia’s biodiversity crisis. I look forward to sharing these works with you!

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Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney, New South Wales

The Calyx is the Exhibition Space within the gardens.


10 am to 4 pm daily from the 6th of April to the 26th of April

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