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Forgotten Needlework Tools

One-off exhibition of exquisite heritage 'forgotten' needlework tools, once used daily by professional and amateur stitchers alike. Enjoy these stunning pieces at the Embroiderers' Guild NSW's bright new gallery space - Gallery76.

Gallery76 (The Embroiderers’ Guild NSW) is hosting a one-off exhibition of heritage needlework tools, in collaboration with the Needlework Tool Collectors Society of Australia. The exhibition explores ‘forgotten’ needlework tools, everything from darners to sewing birds, once used daily by professional and amateur stitchers alike. Learn more about the forgotten history of sewing tools and enjoy these exquisite pieces at the Embroiderers’ Guild NSW’s new gallery space – Gallery76.

There will be a series of talks held at the gallery as part of this exhibition, looking at different forgotten needlework tools. These talks will be ticketed and can be purchased via Trybooking, or email galleries@embroiderersguildnsw.org.au.

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76 Queen St, Concord West, NSW

We are located directly beside Concord West railway station (an easy 20 min from Central). There is plenty of street parking in front of the gallery, as well as local cafes to enjoy. The gallery is wheelchair friendly.


9 - 4 Monday to Friday / 10 - 2 Weekends / Closed Public Holidays

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