Finding Gold in Your Research

Finding Gold from Your Research - This presentation will teach, by example, various methods of undertaking research that lead to immediately usable outcomes. It will look at the nature and types of data available and ascertain the best methods of extracting gold in the form of information.

Whether you are a family research beginner, a seasoned genealogist, or a budding local historian, this presentation is for you. Until retirement, the presenter ran a very successful legal commercial litigation practice of twelve lawyers and their support staff. He is also the author of numerous published works, all of which have been critically dependent upon detailed research. In this presentation, he will explain the three main types of historical data that one sees. Then, using examples from his latest book and his own personal litigation experience, he will explain the various methods that can be used to shake usable gold from data you have available. He will also reveal some cheap or free software tools that you need to ensure that you gain gold quickly from the data before you. Ph:0421123472

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Old St. Andrews Hall, Church Street, at the end of Mair Street, Benalla, Victoria

10.30am to noon

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