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Families – Linking our past, present & future

Every family has a unique story worth saving! Join us at a family history preservation afternoon at the Wicklow Shearing Shed, opposite the Old Gaol in Toodyay.
Included will be the launch of our latest museum exhibition titled “Families – linking our past, present and future”

The Shire of Toodyay and the Toodyay Historical Society are partnering to host an informal afternoon sharing information, hints and practical strategies for uncovering and preserving family histories.

Browse our information stations covering topics such as where family historical records are held, gathering oral histories, sourcing Noongar family information, inheritance planning, and preservation and conservation strategies for digital media, photos and documents.

Chat with community members who are actively involved with maintaining Toodyay family histories and hear first-hand about their own experiences.

Enjoy light refreshments and the opportunity to visit our brand-new exhibition in the Newcastle Gaol opposite, inspired by the theme of this year’s National Trust Heritage Festival.

Have a complimentary family portrait taken by a professional photographer for you to keep as a memento of the event.

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15 Clinton Street, Toodyay, WA

Opposite the Newcastle Gaol Museum


12pm - 3pm

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There are various surfaces around the Newcastle Gaol Museum precinct which are uneven and sloping.