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Launch of Eynesbury Heritage Trail (16 Heritage Sites)

We're thrilled to launch Eynesbury’s Heritage Trail, where we celebrate the wonderful heritage of this unique land. Whilst there are over 60 heritage sites, we've hand-picked the top 16 which we believe will give you the best understanding of the history & functioning of the land from the 1800s.

Many of our heritage buildings and structures are testament to Eynesbury’s well-preserved pastoralist history, whilst others have been carefully refurbished and are in active use today. Some are unmissable, like the seriously impressive Eynesbury Homestead, whilst others are a little off the beaten track. Most of them however are within walking distance from Eynesbury Quarter, where our trail begins.

Samuel Staughton acquired Eynesbury from his father in 1863, at which time he began to turn the property into a working farm. Initially building the family residence in 1872 (now referred to as Eynesbury Homestead), the bluestone Staff Quarters and Stables were then built to accommodate the growing farm, as were the many other buildings and structures.

We’re slowly refurbishing our heritage sites to bring them back to their former glory and have plans to continue our refurbishment program into the future (we’re currently working on the Ha-ha Wall).

Enjoy your walk back in time.

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479 Eynesbury Road, Eynesbury, Victoria

Once parked in the car park, go into the Eynesbury Sales & Discovery Centre and tell them you're here to do the Heritage Trail. Grab your Trail flyer from them, and use your map to head to the Eynesbury Quarter to find Heritage site number 1 (Eynesbury Homestead). But before you do, make sure you read the Eynesbury Heritage Trail Information Board situated outside the Sales & Discovery Centre.

Each individual Heritage site has it's own informational sign outlining the unique heritage of that particular building or structure. Some even feature old photographs from back in time where you can compare what you see now to what was back then.

We are extremely proud to acknowledge and celebrate all that is Eynesbury, and particularly the Heritage of this land through the launch of our Eynesbury Heritage Trail.


Daily 11am - 5pm

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The Eynesbury Heritage Trail is a self-guided tour (your map will clearly outline each point of interest). Toilets are located within the Sales & Discovery Centre or the Eynesbury Quarter, refreshments can be purchased at Birdy & Co Cafe, The General Store or Ms Peacock restaurant & bar (Ms Peacock open Friday - Sunday). All are located on site.