Eye Spy! Waking our secret agents

Some museum objects seem to be asleep in our storage rooms. They are like secret agents.
From the extensive array of objects collected over the past 55 years, this exhibition presents more than 150 secret agents. Their undercover identities slept in our store, preserved by our Society.

We have awakened an amazing range of gadgets, badges, fashion, plaques and quirky things. We employed our not-so-secret services to help you communicate with these secret agents, breaking their code of silence and seclusion and employing a variety of other techniques to ferret out their very different lives.

Bring your family to play the “I Spy” game with our objects: amongst their names you’ll find something beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Can you identify the A to Z directory of secret agents?

Eye Spy offers multiple interpretations of our chosen objects to awaken your curiosity. New research findings will intrigue you. Recollections from our members and friends will enlighten and amuse. What ideas and memories will our secret agents stir for you?

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Heidelberg Historical Society Museum, Old Heidelberg Courthouse, Jika Street, Heidelberg

At the corner of Park Lane and adjacent to the Heidelberg Police Station


2:00pm to 5:00pm

Entry fees:
Adults $ 5.00, Children $ 0.00
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There is no parking on-site