Exploring the Italianate Style and its Origins.

The Italianate style was a very popular housing style in Ashfield and throughout much of the inner west of Sydney during the 1880s through to 1900. Why was this style so popular? What is Italian about the Italianate? How did the style originate and how did it arrive in the Sydney suburbs?

This presentation will examine not only the key characteristics of this unique and appealing style, but will also explore the style’s origins in the UK, and how it arrived in Australia.

This presentation will combine a short local walk, with a colourful Powerpoint presentation to expose the key characteristics of the Italianate style, its defining characteristics, its variations, and how people have adapted the style to suit their individual needs.

At 2pm there will be an optional short walk around the meeting venue to examine first-hand some examples of the Italianate style, as a prelude to the main presentation. The talk begins at 3pm, and will include a presentation with extensive examples of the style and the key milestones in the development of the style.

Charge $5 for ADHS members and $10 for Non members.

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St Andrews Church Hall, 2 Henson Street, Summer Hill, New South Wales

Near the corner of Smith Street and Henson Street, Summer Hill.


2pm - 4pm

Entry fees:
Adults $ 10, Children $ 5, Concession $ 5, Members $ 5
Prebooking requiredadmin@ashfieldhistory.org.au