Experience the Age of Steam

Witness two operational 1800s stationary steam engines housed in the historic Waterworks Pumphouse with a live model engine display.

The Goulburn Historic Waterworks is a highly significant collection of engineering artefacts in Australia. The Pumphouse houses the original and still operational 1883 Appleby Bros steam beam engine; it is likely the only one of its kind left in the world and is representative of the final stages in the refinement of beam engine design having been built at the very end of the era.
Our second stationary steam engine the Hick, Hargreaves & Co, horizontal engine, while not original to the site, has been at the Waterworks since 1970 where it was restored to working order. We consider it one of the family.
The end of World War One heralded a new era for the Waterworks with the introduction of a new electric driven pumps (not operational) in 1918 – one of the first for a NSW Waterworks.
The site is of state and national significance for its historic, social, aesthetic, scientific, technical and rarity values.

Situated on the banks of the picturesque Wollondilly River, the location offers the perfect place to relax and have a picnic or BBQ while the kids enjoy the playground. Refreshments are also available.

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Marsden Weir off Fitzroy Street, Goulburn, New South Wales

Next to the Gehl Garden Centre


10am to 3pm

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