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Escape Tour of Geelong Gaol

Thousands of prisoners have entered the gates of the Geelong Gaol and many have tried to escape from incarceration. Hear the stories of those who have tried to leave these bluestone walls before their times was up - some succeeded and some failed

For 138 years the Geelong Gaol was a place of incarceration for men, women, and children from all walks of life serving sentences imposed by the law of Geelong. Many tried to escape over the entirety of its history. Some succeeded but many failed. Hear the stories of some of these prisoners, many of whom took it as their mission to escape in some of the most ingenious ways known to man.

Join guides John McHenry, who escaped in 1869 by simply walking out the front gate, or Alice Smith one of the gaol’s most infamous female prisoners, for a 45-minute tour to hear the stories of those who escaped or attempted to! They will take you to the locations where the escapes were made and show you some of the tools that prisoners used to find their way out of the goal, some of which are very cheeky in nature!

Could you escape the Geelong Gaol?

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202 Myers Street, Geelong, Victoria


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Adults $ 7.50, Children $ 5.00, Concession $ 6.00, Family $ 25.00, Members $ 5.00
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