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Escape and survival through art

Hear the many amazing stories of the family including their escape from World War II Vienna, to Singapore and an internment camp in Tatura in rural Victoria. How did all their possessions and artworks survive the turbulent war period to be seen in Melbourne?

The Duldig Studio is the former home and studio of internationally recognised sculptor Karl Duldig (1902-1986) and his wife, artist and inventor, Slawa Horowitz-Duldig (1901-1975).

The sitting room, dining room and sunroom are exactly as they were when the family lived there, cram packed with artworks, sculptures, family heirlooms and amazing modernist furniture. The 1960s artists’ studio, with kiln, tools and work across all periods has been kept as it was left by the artist, complete with clay encrusted telephone and the adjoining garden filled with over one hundred bronze and terracotta sculptures. Both Karl and Slawa established influential artistic careers in Australia and see their works of art from 1920s Europe through to the 1980s Australia.

In 1929, Slawa Horowitz-Duldig invented, marketed and manufactured the modern foldable umbrella, the ‘Flirt’ and early prototypes can be seen in the museum.

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92 Burke Road, Malvern East, VIC

Across from Central Park.


1PM to 4PM, with guided tours at 1:30PM

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Adults $ 15
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Less than 50
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10 minute walk from the Number 5 tram terminal