Don River Railway

Don River Railway

The Don River Railway is the North West Coast's Premier Tourist Attraction and one of Australia's finest heritage passenger carrying railways.

Both adults and children can enjoy around a 30 minute, train ride along the picturesque river bank of the Don River.

Have a tea or coffee break, bring your lunch and use one of the picnic tables that are around the Railway Yards.

You can also enjoy the parks facilities including picnic areas with barbeques, at Coles Beach and alongside our railway precinct.

There is ample parking available around the railway precinct.

The railway is operated only by members & volunteers who enjoy running and operating trains and 100% of our profit goes back into the railway and the local community.

So come down to the Don River Railway and enjoy a great day out.

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31 Forth Road, Don

9.00 am - 5.00 pm

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For further information call (03) 6424 6335

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