Dinosaurs, Digging, and Disease – Exploring the Ancient Heritage of AustraliaMacquarie University

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Dinosaurs, Digging, and Disease – Exploring the Ancient Heritage of Australia

What diseases did the dinosaurs suffer from? How did Indigenous Australians create their tools? How did the Australian megafauna go extinct? What should YOU do if you ever discover a fossil or Indigenous artefact? Hear about palaeontology and archaeology research from Australian University students – this online seminar held exclusively for the Australian Heritage Festival!

In this online seminar, you will hear from incredible undergraduate and Masters students, from medicine to archaeology, all united by a passion for Australian heritage stories!

Hear from medical student Amber about how fossils can tell us about health in the creatures of the past – the diseases of dinosaurs and the diets of diprotodons!

Divyesh, also from Medical sciences, asks all about mighty megafauna! What animals roamed Australia before the arrival of humans? What did they look like? What caused them to change? Are they still here now? What will they tell us all about the mighty megafauna of Australia?

Sally, a Masters student of palaeontology and founder of the Found a Fossil project will let you in on what to do if you ever discover a fossil, or an Indigenous artefact, and how YOU can contribute to protecting the amazing heritage material of Australia.

And so much more!

Access via Zoom link: https://macquarie.zoom.us/j/82346018762

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Access Seminar via Zoom link: https://macquarie.zoom.us/j/82346018762