Curator’s Floor Talk, How It Plays: Experiments in Tuned Percussion

Join Grainger Museum Curator Heather Gaunt as she provides insight into the innovations and experimentation in tuned percussion in Melbourne, from the late nineteenth century to the present in the newly opened exhibition, How It Plays: Experiments in Tuned Percussion.

Explore a dynamic history of players, composers and makers in the Australian music scene who have used tuned percussion to move, inspire, collaborate and share in this exhibition floor talk which explores the way these instruments can democratise and popularise the performance of music, and open up new worlds of experimental sound creation.

The exhibition features an interactive composition hub, which visitors are welcome to engage with at the end of this behind the scenes peak, including a selection of handbells from the Federation Bells project, a microtonal marimba, and digital composition tools, as well as video and audio content. Taking visitors through an experience of the democratisation of the performance of music through tuned percussion, this exhibition continues the Grainger Museum’s commitment to creativity, community engagement and collaboration.

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Gate 13, University of Melbourne, Royal Parade, PARKVILLE, VIC
The Grainger Museum is locate on Royal Parade, a short walk from Grattan Street and is easily accessible by the no.19 tram. Parking is available in the surrounding area.
Thursday 9 May, 12:00pm - 1:00pm
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