Convict York Walk

A walking tour of convict buildings in York and a pensioner's cottage, with stories of how York was changed by the bringing of convicts, and how some convicts were good and others bad. Walkers who behave will receive their own ticket-of-leave.

Why were convicts sent to Western Australia? What role did York play in this?

Was everyone happy to have convicts in what was previously a free colony?

Why were convicts only men, and what problems did this cause?

Join in the Convict York Walk and hear the history of convicts in York as you walk past buildings constructed or designed by convicts, ticket-of-leavers or expirees.

Hear stories of convicts good and bad, and the changes they brought to York.

Each participant will receive their own ticket-of-leave entitling them to work subject to strict controls.

The walk lasts one and a half hours.

Event date

Event Details

152 Avon Tce, York, WA

10:30 am to 12 pm

Entry fees:
By donation
Other things
you need to know:
There is a cafe and gallery shop (Botanicalia) at the starting and end place. The walk will include the Swing Bridge.