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CO.AS.IT. Italian Carlton: Self-Guided Tour

The Italian Carlton Self-Guided Tour, compiled by well-known historian and author Dr Celestina Sagazio, highlights Carlton’s rich Italian built and cultural heritage and is available to download from the CO.AS.IT., Melbourne website or as a hardcopy at the CO.AS.IT. Museo Italiano.

The CO.AS.IT. Italian Carlton: Self-Guided Tour provides a special opportunity for users to explore Carlton’s unique Italian history and heritage for themselves. The tour compiled by well-known historian, author and presenter, Dr Celestina Sagazio for the CO.AS.IT. Italian Historical Society, includes an easy-to-follow map of iconic Italian influenced built and cultural heritage, located in and around Lygon Street, Carlton.

The tour features: CO.AS.IT.’s Museo Italiano and the iconic Alice Pasquini Per l’Australia mural; striking built heritage such as Benvenuta (now Medley Hall) and the World Heritage listed Royal Exhibition Building; iconic restaurants, cafes, and eateries such as University Cafe and Casa del Gelato; and well-known cultural landmarks such as Borsari’s Building and Piazza Italia Argyle Square.

It can be used as a stand-alone self-guided tour or with CO.AS.IT. Italian Carlton: Online Presentation, making it a truly memorable experience.

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