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Church Design in Haberfield from the 1860’s to the 1960’s

Haberfield is noted as a Federation Garden Suburb. Many of its residents share their relationship with God in churches designed by notable architects such as Thomas Rowe, Burcham Clamp, Hennessy and Hennessy, and Booker, Wilson and Debenham. Each of these four churches will be visited on our walk.

Churches are places where people share their experiences in their relationship with God. Despite this common theme, the buildings in which shared religious activities occur have varied in architectural style. Four of Haberfield’s churches show three different styles of architecture: Victorian Gothic, Inter-War Gothic and Post-World War II Modern. The interiors of St David’s Uniting Church 1869, St Oswald’s Anglican Church 1928, St Joan of Arc Catholic Church 1955 and the Baptist Church 1962 will be open to visit on our walk. All are situated near the centre of the Haberfield shopping centre.
This walking tour will commence at 1.30pm and will also include a visit to other former religious sites such as Elim Hall for the Salvation Army, the Methodist Church and the Masonic Temple in Haberfield. Tour notes and afternoon tea will be provided. The tour should conclude by about 3.30pm leaving people time to wander through the 19th century burial ground behind St David’s.

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51 Dalhousie Street, Haberfield, New South Wales

Booking for the event is essential so the organisers can organise tour notes and afternoon tea.


1.30pm to 3.30pm.

Entry fees:
Adults $ 20
Prebooking requiredhistory@haberfield.asn.au
Attendance limit:
Less than 50
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