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Celebrating 140 years

Celebrate the 140th anniversary of the formation of Kyneton Fire Brigade at an open day on 11 May 2024. Learn about the history of the Brigade and compare the beaters, buckets and hand pulled carts of 1884 with the massive fire trucks of today.

Kyneton Fire Brigade was the 7th brigade registered with the Country Fire Brigades Board. See 140 years of photographs, trophies and memorabilia, meet today’s highly skilled firefighters and watch displays of firefighting skills. Demonstrations will include the safe use of fire extinguishers and prize-winning competition teams will show their skills.

Check out the CFA smokehouse and learn how to keep yourself and your family fire safe at home and in the countryside. Fun activities for children will help them learn about firefighting history and experience the more modern methods of firefighting that are used today.

Firefighting equipment on display will include the Hino Ranger 3.4C rural fire fighting tanker which features the latest in crew protection. Also on display will be Kyneton’s Isuzu pumper and the Brigade’s forward command vehicle, breathing apparatus, new generation protective clothing and equipment for managing hazardous material incidents.

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46-48 Ebden Street, Kyneton, Victoria


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Parking on street. Please be aware that this is a working fire station and activities may be disrupted if there is a fire call or other emergency.