Candlelit Tour of Historical Howe House

Discover Howe House by candle light and hear local tales of death by fire, flood, knife and pestilence, of opportunities seized, and hopes dashed, of multiple marriages, true love, and past lives kept secret until now. But be warned because these are true stories!

It is thought that John Howe (1774 – 1852) built the house in the 1820s. It stands on part of a town allotment made in 1811 to Howe, who arrived as a free settler aboard the Coromandel in 1802, and became a man of some prominence in early Windsor.
Howe House served a number of uses including an inn; the Daniel O’Connell Inn was operated by Edward Coffey (1840s) and patronised by Governors Gipps and Fitzroy. In 1876 the building was sold to George Louis Asher Davies, a Printer, who published The Australian: Windsor, Richmond, and Hawkesbury Advertiser newspaper from 1871 to 1889. Later again the house reverted from a newspaper office to a private residence.
Hawkesbury Regional Museum now sits behind Howe House and is part of this celebration of local history.


Ages 12 years and over.

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8 Baker Street, Windsor, NSW

7.30pm to 9pm

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Adults $25
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