Can the community save Benalla’s Railway Signal Box?

Find out about the community campaign (so far) to save the signal box from demolition. This one hour talk and discussion will outline the many challenges as well as opportunities of local history preservation.

Heritage buildings make a town what it is, they give a place its character and they form a physical connection with our history. Currently Benalla’s Signal Box is earmarked for demolition during the construction of the ARTC’s proposed new railway precinct. Better Benalla Rail argues it is not necessary to lose this historic building when we can relocate and restore it. Suzie will tell us the story of the ongoing lobby by community group Better Benalla Rail to save our historic Signal Box. Despite being supported by hundreds of local residents, the building is not yet safe from harm. We will find out what is involved in a State Heritage Listing and we learn what the National Trust does to support community groups. This is a fascinating and relevant story at the heart of local heritage making.

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Farmers Arms Hotel, 1 Commercial Road, Benalla, Victoria

4-5 pm

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Plenty of parking available in the streets around the hotel. This talk begins soon after the Benalla Historical Society’s Walk along Nunn Street from Bridge St to railway line which ends 3:30pm. Plenty of time to wander across the railway line, and have a drink.