Bushrangers at the Bluestone College – Presented by Aidan Phelan

Aidan Phelan presents a look at the lives of some of the most notorious bush bandits who did time at the infamous Pentridge Prison during the colonial era, featuring Ned Kelly, Harry Power, Captain Moonlite, Frank Gardiner and Owen Suffolk.

Bushrangers at the Bluestone College introduces audiences to five notorious bushrangers who did time at Pentridge, exploring their stories while contextualising their experiences in the prison. Francis Christie, Owen Suffolk, Harry Power, Edward Kelly and Andrew Scott are just some of the infamous inmates that did time in Coburg’s prison but all of them have intriguing stories that continue to fascinate audiences and convey the struggles of the times they lived in. Aidan Phelan (from the website A Guide to Australian Bushranging, and author of Glenrowan, Aaron Sherritt: Persona non Grata and Bushranging Tales: Volume One) presents these captivating tales in a one-hour lecture with a variety of images and contemporary text to bring the audience back in time to the era of bushrangers.

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26 Victoria Street, Coburg, Victoria

Opposite Coburg Uniting Church


8 - 9pm

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50 - 100
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