Brinsley’s Joinery Works Open Day 2023G & C WALLER BUILDERS

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Brinsley’s Joinery Works Open Day 2023

Brinsley's Joinery Shop will be open to the public for hourly tours. You will experience an unforgettable event witnessing working word working machinery from a forgotten era.

Brinsley’s Joinery Shop Tours allow our visitors to see operating industrial machinery from the early 1900’s that are still in use for the production, repair & conservation of heritage joinery and building fabric. Belt driven machinery still operating to produce heritage windows, doors and joinery as well as bespoke furniture items. Our building company uses this machinery to reproduce and repair and reproduce many different items of joinery for our many and varied building projects statewide.
We also have a large collection of antique woodworking tools and trade books.
You will not be disappointed with your tour of Brinsley’s Joinery Shop.

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100 Toronto Parade, Sutherland, New South Wales

We are on the corner of Toronto Pde & Clio Street Sutherland......Opposite the railway line. A short walk from Sutherland Station


Start 10.10am and then on the hour until 3.10pm

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