Bringing The Past Alive

Early Colonial Lifestyle brought to life in a genuine Australian 19th Century setting, see each building come to life as it would have back in the 1800's as The Australiana Pioneer Village becomes a working Village

Our original buildings from the mid 1800s will showcase how life was back in the Colonial Days – see our Bank in operation, be careful not to be arrested and put in jail in our Police Station, try your hand at sealing a letter using hot wax at the Post Office, join in for a lesson in a typical School classroom back in the 1800s (be careful not to get the cane), visit our saddler in operation, watch how the women maintained their 2 room cottages every day, try your hand at washing on a washboard at our laundry, try your hand at carpentry, watch how smelting is done, see our blacksmith working at his forge, take part in a Church sermon and raise the roof with hymns, see how cooking was done outdoors, there will be butter churning, grinding wheat to make flour, homemade lemonade, have a hayride or train ride, feed the animals – the list goes on, don’t miss out on this unique experience to see how your ancestors lived and did it tough in the early days of New South Wales.

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10 Rose Street, WILBERFORCE, NSW

Turn into the Heritage Hotel car park, you will see our entry gates on the left, all parking inside at no cost


10am - 4pm

Entry fees:
Adults $ 10, Children $ 5, Concession $ 5, Family $ 25, Members $ 5
Onsite facilities:
Other things
you need to know:
Parking inside venue only not in Heritage Hotel carpark