Beyond Banks – Botanising the Great South LandJohn Curtin Gallery


Beyond Banks – Botanising the Great South Land

Eminent Botanist and John Curtin Distinguished Professor Kingsley Dixon will go Beyond Banks - Botanising the Great South Land - a potted history of plant discovery in Australia.

The John Curtin Gallery is currently showing Lisa Reihana:Emissaries which features the critically acclaimed cinematic masterpiece ‘in Pursuit of Venus [infected], a highlight of the 2017 Venice Biennale. The exhibition reimagines the voyages of Captain James Cook to explore the Pacific Islands. Accompanying Cook was the ambitious naturalist Sir Joseph Banks who documented the Transit of Venus in Tahiti in 1769. Little did Banks realise when he visited Terra Australis that he was about to open the Pandora’s box of botanical marvels. Within a short time of his specimens landing back in Britain the botanical world went into hyperdrive as these astonishingly different plants rewrote the text books. From bird pollinated Banksia’s to the extraordinary Eucalypts, the plants just were so different from anything in Europe. So why are we so different and what makes our flora so globally unique? This free talk is part of the Gallery’s highly popular lunchtime speakers series.

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Curtin University, Building 200 A, Bentley, Western Australia

12:30 - 1:30pm

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Parking in visitor parking D3, next to Gallery off Dumas Rd. Enter from Kent Street.