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Benjamin Rixon & His Pass – Forgotten Northern Illawarra Gateway

Today Rixons Pass is a no-through-road, yet in the 1850’s it was the Northern Illawarra's first gateway road out to Appin and onto Sydney. Developed by the legendary Tracker Benjamin Rixon, one of the first set of Colony's first Triplets. View our photos of the Pass and its families, learning their stories.

Now Rixons Pass has been closed off below the top of the Mountain, and in the future how many will know of its past significance to the Northern Illawarra “Black Diamond” district? Once it was its own locality, a little village, not quite a suburb, but now subsumed into the ever-growing community of Woonona.

People came to Rixons Pass not just from England, but also from other parts of Europe. Some came ‘free’, others had been convicts or descendants of convicts. Others came after the destruction of the Lost Village of Sherbrooke on Bulli Mountain for Cataract Dam. This event gives visitors the opportunity to view rare photos of people of the pass.

Learn how Rixons Pass was a welcome alternative to sailing to Sydney on the often treacherous open seas or the long detour south on the few other roads that existed for the pioneer European residents of the District.

Once it was the road for hill climbs and motorcycle competitions, of legal and illegal bush walks.

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Franklin Avenue, Bulli, New South Wales

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